Efficient Planning And Building Process

Define Your Design

The joy of building your own home is that it’s finally your turn to decide. Create a floor plan that will fit your lifestyle. Work from current plans or design your own look and layout from your own perspective. Once decided, Hollie will communicate your ideas and floor plan to our in-house architectural drafter.

Select Settings

When you choose your neighborhood first, you feel more settled and happy with your build site. Then, we ensure that the lay of the land matches up with your tailor-made design. We take everything into consideration so your custom home fits right in where you and your family do.

Planning And Proofing

Once your home site and floor plan have been reviewed, you will then sign off on the prints and we’ll begin to write the purchase agreement. Once the purchase agreement has been reached, we let the fun begin.

Interiors And Exteriors

Here Hollie will guide you through the details of your home to be. We have a Selection Center where all the customizing takes place. With so many choices, it’s nice to bounce around ideas before you make your final choices. Select your siding, stone, and shingles as well as flooring, fixtures, countertops, doors, and knobs. It’s your hands-on experience helping you make all your decisions in one place.
Pouring foundation

Breaking Ground

We start by pouring the foundation, and then the structure of your house can begin to take shape. Once the frame has been enclosed, you will meet with our home supervisor, Ben Orner, for an overview of the electricals. This is a time when you can discuss the building process and give approvals.

Your customized look will be finalized with great attention to detail including walls, plumbing, paint, texture, cabinets, flooring, and trim. We take great pride in our work and we aim to provide exactly what you expect in your home construction.

The Final Walk-Through

During the final walk-through, we take you on a tour of your new home to view and approve every piece of what has been built. We want to ensure that we’ve lived up to your expectations. 
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